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Plants Obsession

03 05 17

Not quite sure when this all happened. I’ve always been interested in gardening with my mom, but I am now a bit obsessed. I guess it started a few years ago and with Pinterest, my interest has peaked. There are many apps available to identify plants, within minutes to a few hours (experts have busy lives and aren’t always checking in so you just have to patiently wait when one of them is free to check out your photo). No need to waste time researching, hah! Just take a shot of your new little friend and shoot it over to a horticulturist. I now have 2 favorite apps in my arsenal.

This past weekend, I had to return something to IKEA. Of course, a trip to IKEA is worthless without a stop to the plants department. My heart starts palpitating as I approach the department. What’s great is one need not walk through the maze to reach it – it’s always in the last space of Marketplace, right before the inventory section and cashiers. I lucked out! New monsterias arrived (only 6 left)!! The first time I purchased this plant was about a year ago and I’ve basically killed it, though it’s recovering nicely, save the gnats which I’m catching with this nifty light product Fly Web and those yellow sticky tabs. Another shipment of cacti was also in store, along with tons of succulents, which many swarmed over. I strategically collected my lot and carefully guarded my cart. I was happy though I worried about the space I lacked in our house : )

I have amassed over 27 plants in the house now, but who’s counting. They need daily care, which can be demanding. Fortunately, my husband and son are wonderful and don’t bother me about the gnats that sometimes fly around their heads, hee, hee. They see how happy I am and love that.